Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Why life insurance is or is not appropriate in Islamic countries Research Paper

Why life insurance is or is not appropriate in Islamic countries - Research Paper Example The first one of the view that insurance of any kind is prohibited because it is an agreement based on doubts, it is against God’s commands and insurance business is based on interest. Life insurance is used to cover financial loss happening from death. It is impossible to define life insurance in a single definition as there are different ways to explain it. In simple words life insurance is a tool to safeguard against natural calamities. The aim of every individual is to secure his family from future risks. Every person dreams for prosperous life for his near and dear ones, a bright future for their children and self without depending on others. The life insurance guarantees materializing these aims by paying them in terms of money. There was a time when necessities of life were fulfilled by government or charity organizations. As the population increases the resources are shrinking day by day. World is being governed by man-made laws and lust for power and corruption is multiplying in every walk of life. Basic necessities like food, shelter, education and social services are no more available. Even fresh and unpolluted breathing is no more. It seems difficult to make both ends meet. Individual earning in a family when meets with any misfortune like natural death, Job termination, disability etc than one can imagine how he will cope with all this. Here life insurance is the only option available to avail in this situation. Life insurance is a vast subject if studied it will give you a short- cut to fulfill above mentioned noble commitments. After collecting large sum of money from the public the insurance company with the government’s assistance can run various projects at national level. Through all this government uses this cash for various schemes such as power generation, special education, employment generation etc. In return government pays suitable interest so that public should get their maximum profit at

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