Sunday, September 8, 2019

Global Business Plan for Harbor Freight in UK Research Paper

Global Business Plan for Harbor Freight in UK - Research Paper Example The internal environment largely determines the business growth and development of a company. As such, it is a significant factor that ought to be considered. The internal environment encompasses planning, leading, organizing, implementing and controlling. For a global expansion of a business, planning plays a central role without which the expansion would not be a success. As I have earlier indicated, Harbor Freight enjoys a good established in the United States market. For it to be successful in the UK market, planning has to be done at each of its departments so as to evaluate its efficiency and effectiveness. Some of the departments that need to be considered are the distribution department, the marketing department, the finance department and the logistics and operations department. Research and development will also be conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of entering the UK market. Specifically, the marketing department has the duty to analyze the UK market and introduce a n ovel advertising strategy that will enable it to succeed in the UK market. Pereira contends that a good advertising strategy will aid in the success of an organization in a new market.Leading has both a direct and indirect influence on an organization. As regards to Harbor Freight, the marketing department will be responsible for the leading. It will be responsible for consolidating all the efforts of the other internal departments so as to come up with an effective corporate planning that will increase its chances of succeeding in the UK market.

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