Thursday, September 12, 2019

Come up with a research topic Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Come up with a research topic - Thesis Example The thesis statement for this topic is the position that: harassment of Latino immigrants by state and local law enforcement authorities is strongly linked to the anti-immigration sentiments of people in the United States and this prevents Latinos from getting any form of protection under US laws in the face of these harassments. Arizona’s Safe Neighborhood Act, 1070 enacted in 2010 gave state authorities the power to arrest and detained persons they had reason to believe was an illegal immigrant (Campbell 1; Magana and Lee 103; Rothe and Kauzlarich 98). This is in contrast with the fundamental position of US law which requires the federal government to handle such issues (Romero and Romero Williams 230; Motomura 117; Ferro 76). This shows that the spate of changes in US migration and public opinion had caused the people to move beyond the powers attributed to them in the constitution (Skerry). The natural consequence of this is that it created a spillover that allowed some constituents of US law to gain power and authority to do things not authorized by the constitution to these immigrants (Gallagher and Lippard 75; Shally-Jansen 1037; OLeary 32). There is a general increase in the trend hate crimes and negative acts targeting persons of Latin American origins (Civil Rights para 3). The statistics indicate that hate crimes against Latinos by authorities have increased by at least 100% over the past decade (Civil Rights para 1). This shows that a lot a lot of negative things have been done under the guises of new laws and other negative acts are a reflection of the wrong sentiments that are meted out against the Latino migrant population. A hypothesis is a tentative statement made by a researcher at the beginning of a research that is tested for its truthfulness or falsity (Adams and Eva 593; Spielberger 229). Therefore, the casual claims can be put

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