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Agricultural Genetic Engineering Essay -- Genes Farming Science Agricu

Agricultural Genetic Engineering The ability to directly modify living organisms is a novel human technology. Since the discovery of the DNA molecule the field of genetics has grown at an astounding rate. We now have the ability to alter organisms to fit our needs. This prospect offers the possibility of solving problems that have plagued humanity for thousands of years. In recent years genetically modified organisms have found many practical applications, particularly in the agricultural sector. Genetically modified organisms in this area, called transgenic crops (TC) are already being implemented on a considerably large scale. The possible benefits of utilizing TC has caused us avoid addressing important moral and ethical issues; commercialization of genetic technology is allowing premature mainstream adoption. It is imperative that we ask ourselves, is it ethical to implement TCs? Background: Some foundational understanding of the technology underlying TC production is necessary to adequately consider the issues at hand. To modify crops biologist use recombinant DNA (rDNA). This consists of extracting a gene producing a desirable trait from one organism and inserting it into the organism to be modified. Taking a gene for a desirable trait from a plant and amplifying its effect is also a method of genetic engineering using rDNA. The sources of genetic material to insert are almost boundless, crossing bounds between species and even forms of life. (1) Production of TC is similar to the practice of hybridization by selective breeding. This method of selecting desirable crop traits has been practiced since the domestication of plants to improve yields. (15p62) TC is a significantly more efficient way to achieve a s... .... Accepts Labeling Rules" Wall Street Journal 10/8/2001 <http://www.biotech-info.net/lift_moratorium.html> (12) "FDA'S Policy for Foods Developed by Biotechnology ", U. S. Food and Drug Administration, 1995 <http://vm.cfsan.fda.gov/~lrd/biopolcy.html#label> (13a) " Monsant vs Schmeiser" 5/22/2002 <http://www.percyschmeiser.com/> (13b) Court Transcript , "Monsanto Canada inc. and Monsanto Company vs Percy schmeiser and Schmeiser enterprises Ltd." 2001 <http://www.percyschmeiser.com/T1593-98-%20Decision.pdf> (14) Lambrecht, Bill , Dinner At the New Gene Cafe St. Martins Press, 2001 (15) McHughen, Alean, Pandora's Picnic Basket Ocford University Press, 2000 (p1)<http://www.colostate.edu/programs/lifesciences/TransgenicCrops/animation.html> (p2)<http://www.colostate.edu/programs/lifesciences/TransgenicCrops/images/cotton.jpg>

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