Saturday, September 7, 2019

Critical Biodiversity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Critical Biodiversity - Essay Example Each of these many species on earth plays a significant role in maintaining of a stable and healthy ecosystem. However, human activities have directly or indirectly led to a major loss of biodiversity and in turn raising questions as to the need of conserving species so as to maintain a stable and healthy environment. Human activities that directly affect biodiversity include deforestation, pollution and overexploitation of natural resources. Indirectly for instance, human activities have led to climate change which negatively affects other species. Since each and every species plays a significant role in maintaining a stable ecosystem, the existence of each species is vital to life. Human being cannot survive without biodiversity as we rely on it directly or indirectly (De Vere, 2008). Directly, most of the plant species are consumed as food and medicine by humans. In addition, all plants play a major role in changing carbon dioxide to oxygen which is vital for human life. Some animal species are also food to humans, and their existence means a continuous food supply. The importances of biodiversity to mankind are just a few to mention. I agree that the loss of a few species may have no profound effect on ecosystem processes, but there is a need to conserve all species for a better and stable environment. Conservation of biodiversity can include actions like restoration of ecosystems, controlled exploitation of natural resources and the requirement to conserve the species among others. In conclusion, humans need biodiversity for survival since diverse species play various roles in maintaining a stable and healthy ecosystem. As a result, they should conserve the species. I agree that just as our comprehension of social equality has expanded throughout history, our familial and social groups have grown in size. Therefore, our inclusion of the environment ought to become a part of our ethical

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