Sunday, October 6, 2019

Emotionally intelligent leaders and their impact on followers' Essay - 2

Emotionally intelligent leaders and their impact on followers' performance and well-being A critical review of the literature and reflection for practice - Essay Example Sometimes it requires being calm in situations that are very intense and so the leader must do. He should remain calm so that the employees working under him or her could attain the goals given to them. Goleman (1996) believed that there were 5 major components to emotional intelligence. They were self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills. The more a leader will look to control and monitor these elements the more his emotional intelligence would be and the chances of employees performing better would be higher. Goleman (1996) described being self aware means to know how one’s emotions and behavior will affect others. Horn (2013) & Mortiboys (2005) believe that if a leader is self aware of his situation in an organization then it has a very positive impact on the employees. A self aware leader would always know the mission of his project and will always make guidelines accordingly. When employees know what the mission of their organization or project is then it automatically becomes easy to follow directions. Following directions laid by the team leader most often leads to success as the project is designed and led by him or her. Gotshal (2007) believes that the reason for failure of 60% of business in the USA is the reason because the mission of the company and its projects are not well dictated by the leader. Employees are able to perform better with a leader who is self aware of himself. A self aware leader will always know what the company is in the market for and how to achieve what it has set foot on. A self aware leader looks to guide the employees on consistent basis. Collins (2011), Jennings (2012), Badaracco (1989) & Crandall (2007) believe that a leader who is self aware of himself also makes all the goals of the project clear so that it becomes easy for the employees to achieve them. Employees perform better when they know how and what to get within a period of time. A self aware leader sets realistic

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