Saturday, October 19, 2019

Choose a current trend and explain your opinion about it. The trend Essay

Choose a current trend and explain your opinion about it. The trend can be of any category, and your opinion should be clearly - Essay Example The accessibility of online dating sites are masking more sensitive issues in the society, and thus, restrictions in the member's age, purpose of signing in, and advertisements posted through a reviewed dating site rules and possibly, government intervention. Audience of Internet Dating Dating sites could provoke more sensitive issues prevailing in the society. As more people are provided with easier access to the internet, the more chances there is that discrimination would happen, may it be racial or physical. Furthermore, sexual partners from the internet, with an emphasis to those who engage to casual sex, may be an accepted societal notion and thus will have more effects towards other sectors particularly reproductive health. It is much to the interest of the dating site users which this paper explores since it deliberates on impact of such activity in a broader sense. International Marriages Through Online Dating and Its Underlying Social Implications It must be exciting to thi nk that dating sites are expanding the user’s thoughts about racial identity. In the varied selection of potential mates, Caucasians, Black Americans, Asians and all others are not classified. In other words, the internet seems to have more room of racial acceptance than racial discrimination. However, what Warchaur found out could be intriguingly opposite to this notion. According to Turkle, â€Å"interracial marriages make racial identity more subjective and multiple; the anonymous, multi-channeled communication facilitated by the Internet deepens this trend toward multiple subjective identity† (qtd. in Warchaur). In other words, the anonymity of the dating sites members would reject possible personal differences and their attitudes would be completely relying on their race. Although the internet can be a good venue for true globalization to prosper, the dating site users are not spared from subjective generalization of their race. A member may have filled out their profile honestly, but this does not mean that members as such comprise 100% of the site. The truth is, there are members who lie, and this thought is so common that no matter how well-written the profile information is, the racial background still counts (e.g. Black Americans are stereotyped as violent). Because of existing racial stereotypes and the inaccessibility of face to face encounter, dating sites are prone to discrimination. Attractiveness is also a major issue internet dating rather than focusing on abstract qualities of a person. In a research conducted by Hitsch, Hortacsu, and Ariely with internet dating site users in the United States, the attractive mate prospects get the most number of replies and views than their less physically attractive counterparts. Electronic mail responses are more frequent to physically attractive members (16). As expected, physically attractive men and women are very selective in their potential partners in the dating sites. While 40% of aver age men gets responses from average women, the contrast is true for attractive men and women. It has been found out that least attractive members are â€Å"2-4 times more likely to send a first-contact e-mail to a man than the most attractive women† (17). Racial issues, sexual abuse, and self-esteem are at stake in the growing trend of e-dating. If the restrictions should be out of hand, then the users are in danger of suffering these consequences. The leniency of the government when it comes to internet control could have been the main culprit of this

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