Thursday, October 31, 2019

Capstone experience Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Capstone experience - Coursework Example Moreover, the company had reserves of approximately 25.2 billion equivalent barrels of oil as of 2013 and, as of 2010, its production rates were expected to remain constant for at least fourteen more years (Coll, 2012). ExxonMobil operates in twenty-one countries with thirty-seven oil refineries across the world, which has seen the company achieve a combined refining capacity of 1 million m3 of oil every day making it the world’s largest oil refiner by capacity. Standard Oil, which was ExxonMobil’s precursor company, was also the world’s largest oil refiner between 1870 when it was incorporated and its change to ExxonMobil. As the largest of all super-majors in the oil industry, ExxonMobil has a daily production capacity of ~3.9 million equivalent barrels of oil, which makes up roughly 3% of the entire production of oil in the world (Coll, 2012). This means that, despite being the largest oil company in the world, it still lags behind various state-owned oil companies like ARAMCO and Rosneft. When ranking is done by gas and oil reserves combined, ExxonMobil ranks as the 14th biggest company in the world with less than 1% of all total reserves under its control (Coll, 2012). With regards to its marketing of oil and gas products, ExxonMobil uses the brands Esso, Mobil, and Exxon, while it also holds majority share in several smaller oil companies like SeaRiver Maritime that ships oil and gas and Canada’s Imperial Oil Limited. The company has more than 82,000 employees across the globe, of which 27,000 work in their upstream headquarters in Houston and a further 4,000 employees work in its downstre am headquarters in Fairfax (Coll, 2012). ExxonMobil’s global organizational structure is functional in nature. My career objective is to be a safety engineer at ExxonMobil upon my graduation later this year. One of the reasons why I am interested in this position is because it requires the engineer to work as part of a team that includes quality

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