Tuesday, August 27, 2019

What Were The Causes Of World War One Could The War Have Been Research Paper

What Were The Causes Of World War One Could The War Have Been Prevented Who Was At Fault For The Outbreak Of War - Research Paper Example However, the European continent had experienced less destructive wars such as the Crimean war, the short wars in German as well as the wars that resulted into Turkey withdrawing from the continent. 2The great powers of Europe had avoided any war that emerged for very long time and the outbreak of the World War I was viewed as inevitable. The First World War engaged many nations from Europe including others like the North Americans, The Near East, and Asia. 3Approximately ten million people died as a result of the war in which over sixty five million men fought in the war. It is also estimated that out of the sixty five million men who participated in the war, one out of every eight people were killed by the concomitant disease. 4The aftermath of the First World War resulted into the deaths of more than twice the number of deaths caused by the previous wars. More than fifteen million people were also injured as a result of the war and another eight million soldiers were taken as POWs. 5The war was therefore very destructive and if any participant nation of the world would have known the consequences, they could have not participated in the war but instead could have prevented its occurrence. The immediate cause of the First World War may be stated to be the failure of diplomacy as a result of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. However, there are certain underlining issues that resulted into the outbreak of the war. 6Few leaders in Europe were able to correctly determine the causes of the war in 1914 and therefore its avoidance was difficult. 7Most Neorealists believe that it was a conflict that was beyond the control of the people who participated in it and the people never wanted nor expected it. This is the reason why the events that preceded the five weeks of crisis and the crisis itself could not prevent the war. Generally the war was inevitable due to certain foundation issues and therefore could have not been avoided. Structuralism

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