Friday, August 23, 2019

Middle Earth-from the novel to the silver screen Research Paper

Middle Earth-from the novel to the silver screen - Research Paper Example Perhaps the biggest deletion by Jackson is the scene including the scouring of the shire. In line with this, Valente noted that Jackson’s deletion of this scene might have been due to his, and Tolkien’s love for nature and the Hobbits (36). Nonetheless, the deletion of this scene comes with an emotional appeal to a viewer since they are able to appreciate the fact that the Hobbits beautiful Shire remained intact since the movie might have depicted the destruction in a worse way than the book explained. Hence, the viewer does not go through a position whereby they witnessed the destruction of a beautiful environment that was well maintained by the Hobbits. In addition, Jackson manages to maintain the Hobbits simple way of life throughout the book, which appeals emotionally to the viewers. In this regard, the scouring of the shire in the movie would have come with destruction of a simple way of life. Nonetheless, Jackson did not want to destroy this calm and uncomplicated life since the viewers would not have identified with such an action and would not find the adaptation appealing. Conversely, the scene was long and would not have fitted within the period resulting due to the change in the media. To continue with the depiction of the simple life that the Hobbits lead, Jackson adds something new in the movie in a scene that involves Merry and Pippin, two of the four Hobbits while at the gate of the Isengard. In this regard, Merry told Pippin that he smoked a lot (â€Å"The Return of the King†). While this statement does not have any effect on the overall story told by the adaptation, Jackson continues to show the drinking and pipe smoking nature of the Hobbits (Valente 36). In effect, Jackson wanted to make a... The fascinating perspective depends upon an individual’s taste although most viewers cite the adaptations to movies as more interesting than the novels. On the other hand, there are viewers who will indicate that the movie enhanced their understanding of the novel. Nonetheless, the perspective an individual takes depends on their preferences since movies are a visual medium and movie directors’ attempts in portraying written pieces, thoughts, and events might be challenging. In this regard, some readers of the novel might be disappointed after watching the movies. However, movie directors and producers are always at hand to explain to the viewers that the movies are adaptations, which may delete, add, or change some aspects of the novel in order to make the movie. It is evident that Jackson was able to turn a high fantasy of the 1950s gain the success in the contemporary society. In order to ensure the success, he had to make some alterations from the original text in order for the movie to fit into the visual medium and period. On the other hand, the contemporary society has changed from the society that liked the book by Tolkien in the 1950s. Hence, Jackson appeals to this society by giving the movie a humanly appeal when he highlights the most important aspects of human life such as pity, compassion, and the important role of each person in the society. In addition, the alteration of the characters by giving them a psychological depiction in the adaptation, which is in contrast to the superhero status in the book, makes the movie a success story when compared to the book.

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