Friday, August 9, 2019

Business Diversity Case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Business Diversity - Case Study Example While cultivating to make improvements in business marginal returns, Fresh food has faced several challenges including ethnicity. This has been illustrated by Vivian’s sentiments accepting that she is likely to face ethnic challenges while settling in Phoenix. The business also faces communication barrier because Vivian is considering-employing translators to help aid the purchases at Phoenix, which is perceived to be dominated by different racial communities. Despite the fact that fresh food faces numerous problems as stated above, the business has done its best to stock variety of food thus represent a divergent culture. Moreover, the business principal mandate is based on good communication as a way of ensuring customers sustainability. The organizational arrangements to deliver freely to disabled members of the society is a clear illustration how it respects the dignity of members of the society (Hellriegel &Slocum, 2007). Fresh food having embraced diversity as one of its strengths gets the potential to capture broader market margin. This clearly indicates that the business is targeting a bigger population hence capable of getting higher returns. In addition, the issue of diversity is also an indication of societal representation. This put the business at the highest end of achieving its competitive edge. However, diversity calls for additional costs in terms of hiring professionals. For instance, for Vivian to translators at Arizona she would need an additional overhead cost (Golembiewski, 1995). To get a noble workforce, Vivian’s recruitment procedure entail understanding the environment as this would help her to relate well with the society. Secondly, she should consider candidates for interviews mainly from Arizona. After getting adequate number, she can proceed and put them on probation, as this would help her in identifying the right personnel who can deliver as per

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