Monday, July 29, 2019

Woman in the work place Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Woman in the work place - Essay Example Often women have to assume dual personalities in order to get ahead – one for the office and the other for the home. At the office, she has to be assertive and in clear command, to a certain extent, also shrewd and manipulative, to get what she wants, but at the home, she has to be demure, obedient and dutiful, subservient to the wishes of others. The different roles assigned to women to support themselves and their families have enhanced their potential and also made them stronger and determined individuals, coping to succeed in a male dominated world. And their ability to finish projects on time have made women make.† (Gomez, Armando). The reasons why women make more progress than men is because they have the right attitude to work and interpersonal relationships and would rather avoid arguments and heated discussion, rather than try to win them. Besides, they take their jobs more seriously then men and excel in producing quality work within targeted time and lower bud gets. Unlike men, they do not nurse bruised egos and are generally well-informed about relevant matters concerning the corporate matters while striving for excellence in chosen assignments. There are distinctive personality traits between men and women which need to be understood in its correct perspective. Although women may deny gender discrimination and sexual harassment, the fact that this is a reality cannot be denied.† Violence against women can occur on the job. Employers need to be concerned about their responsibility to maintain safe work sites.† (Strategic Employer Responses to Domestic Violence. A Crucial Human Resource Challenge). In a survey conducted in US, 50 % of the women in the age group of 35-49 admitted that they were the subject of gender discrimination and 40 % admitted to have faced sexual harassment at their work place. (Gomez, Armando). It is felt that discrimination exists among the

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