Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Housing law assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Housing law assignment - Essay Example However, the colonial structure was not amply sympathetic towards the tenants until democratic reforms were widely carried out. The political reforms were followed by the social and legislative ones, which empowered the tenants, particularly in the developed countries of the Commonwealth. Nevertheless, there was no strong and well-thought legislative framework to deter violations of the rights of the tenants by the authorities and the landlords. The municipalities were not beneficial to the old buildings, dormitories, etc. and the private companies and firms had no desire to comply with the law and mark the buildings as residential premises under the municipality. Even after widespread modernisation and democratisation, the problems of the tenants could not be eradicated altogether. The Housing Act 2004 (Commencement No. 11), however, aims at redefining the dimensions of housing security of the UK citizens at large. Further, the Homelessness Legislation has energized the community effort and the local governments to safeguard the interests of the tenants. Contextually, the case of James does not appear to be very different from the core issues of tenancy in the UK. After the recent economic crisis and negative growth, housing problems have become preponderant. Particularly, the relationships between the tenants and the landlords have been considerably strained due to the difficult situation of the real estate industry. And the problems that are being faced by James appear to be in continuity with the contemporary housing issues of the UK. James, who is a tenant of a house owned by the South Bank Properties plc, has been suffering from some mental problems. He dwelt in the aforesaid house for a couple of years. Three weeks ago James complained that the central heating system of the house was not working properly. Moreover, condensation in the bathroom and kitchen was faulty. Also, he complained of

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