Thursday, July 25, 2019

Statistics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Statistics - Essay Example If a home has a pool is another factor in buying homes which should be well known to the selling agents. Nowadays, how aggressive one is while marketing the wares of the company he/she works for determines how the management of the company will view him/her. Marketing opportunities are there but only the go-getters are better placed to notice them. Various companies have come up with marketing strategies on how they will market their wares to the public in this world full of competitions and new innovations from time to time. In this regard, companies have resulted into employing what to them are the best personnel people who can take the company a notch higher and are either males of females. However, many companies employ females in their sales departments. This is so because, according to Learned, A (2006), females have a different communications approach than their male counterparts. Females are regarded to have a soft approach which convinces many to buy wares and recommend them to other people. In buying homes, many factors come into play. The number of bed rooms offers a challenge to any selling agent since customer need houses according to sizes which is determined by the number of bedrooms. This also is occasioned by the fact that, many families have more than one family member and are in dire need of more than 1 bedroom. According to Breen, R. & Goldthorpe, J.H. (1999), the aspect of diving people according to classes in one of the causes of the above phenomenon. Further, people are interested in what was used to construct the house. Fibros, single brick and double brick are some of the materials used in the constructions of houses. To Breen, R. & Goldthorpe, J.H. (1999), many people value double bricked house as according to them the aspect of security comes up. People feel secure when they live in a place which they perceive to be secure and where there is privacy. According to Carchedi, G. (1987), a research done on social

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