Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Facebook Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Facebook - Research Paper Example In the view of such vulnerable position, the state legislative entities have shown their concern regarding the state of security being provided by Face book. Senate has shown its interest in bid to make Face book more secure (Teschler 2010). The aims of the paper is to evaluate the present state of Face book services, its security functions, the potential loopholes and safety that is offered by Face book, assess the level of concern shown by different segments and the possible changes that may be made in order to make Face book more effective and less insecure. Face book has become the most famous and successful social network in the internet world. According to Alexa, a website the specializes in the determination of the ranking of the web sites, Face book is the runner-up behind the famous search engine Google (Alexa 2012). However, surrounding the Face book revolution and evolution drama, there have been controversies, speculations and rumors about the privacy policy of this, first social network in the world. Recently, the issue received considerable attention from the media. Therefore, there are two sides, those who agree with the policy of Face book and those who are against the Privacy Policy. The issue has ballooned during the recent revolutions in the world, especially "The Arab Spring". The reason is that planning for the revolutions happened on pages or within groups on Face book specifically. Because of this, some Governments have to stand against the policy of Face book. For example, Saudi Arabias King Abdullah had wanted to buy out Face book for $150 billion because he was very upset with Mark Zukerberg, who is the CEO of Face book, for allowing revolt Face book pages in Egypt and Libya to be formed (BBC 2011). According to Mark Zukerberg, it is the users themselves, who seek such an expanded option list and further, people are less insecure due to the prevailing trends that have evolved over

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