Saturday, November 23, 2019

Connect Evernote Content With Your Marketing Calendar

Connect Evernote Content With Your Marketing Calendar You’ve helped us become better planners at . Yes, really! You raved about how much you love Evernote to get the blogging and marketing juices flowing: A1: I usually start with ideas and planning in Evernote. #CoChat Colin Haas (@colinmhaas) June 4, 2015 So we took that to heart and explored how awesome Evernote is for coordinating your marketing, planning ahead, and capturing ideas. That’s why you’re going to be stoked to read this: Now you can connect your Evernote content directly into your marketing calendar. So get ready to collaborate better than ever while planning awesome content. Connect Your @Evernote Content With Your #Marketing CalendarTurn Your Evernote Notes Into Real WordPress Blog Posts Until now, writing blog posts in Evernote was easy, but getting them into WordPress kind of sucked. Now you’ll sync the blog posts you write in Evernote through your marketing calendar in to easily turn notes into WordPress blog posts. Let me reiterate here (because I’m nerding out): Now that Evernote integrates with your marketing calendar, you will create your content in Evernote, then easily turn those notes into real blog posts in WordPress. Finally! Create your blog posts in @Evernote and sync them into #WordPress. #bloggingAnd to top it off, your images in your notes auto-magically sync into your WordPress Media Library. Let me repeat that, too: When you connect your Evernote notes as blog posts through , your graphics and images will automatically import into your WordPress Media Library as real media files. There is no more copying and pasting your blog posts, let alone saving your images out of Evernote then uploading them into WordPress. Simply connect your Evernote into , and you’ll turn your notes into real blog posts with a couple easy clicks. Drag And Drop Evernote Notes As Real Content On Your Calendar The drafts bin has always been your handy way of throwing blog post ideas on the back burner until you have the time to write them. It turns out that tons of you use Evernote to capture your content ideas. And, why not? Evernote is literally on every device. Even your new Apple Watch. Now, you can capture all of your blog ideas on the go in Evernote and easily turn them into WordPress blog posts when you need them. And when you connect Evernote with , youll see all of those ideas right in your drafts bin to easily drag and drop them onto your marketing calendar. From there, what was once just an idea turns into real content youll create from your marketing calendar. Sync Your Notebooks And Notes From Evernote Into There are tons of ways marketers like you use Evernote notebooks: Managing your marketing strategy Collaborating with your team Gathering ideas for content you’ll create Creating your content Now you can sync your Evernote notebooks with your marketing calendar. That combines your plans from Evernote with a calendar designed to help you create content even more efficiently. Easily add a note from your Evernote notebooks right onto your marketing calendar. From there, you have content to complete with the full benefits of using your workflows, communication, and deadlines planned with . Quickly Attach Notes Created In Evernote To Your Existing Content In You may have noticed a new feature from that helps you plan any type of content. Blog posts? No problem. Graphics or pictures? Do it. Videos, e-books, ads? Go for it. When you plan content in , it’s easy to attach Evernote notes to your existing content. From there, you can flesh out your plans, ideas, and even create your content using Evernote. Oh, And One More Bonus Feature For You When you create content in Evernote, , or even Google Docs, it’s easier than ever to export it directly into WordPress, as HTML, and PDFs. Are You Ready To Get Started With Evernote And ? We bet you are. Whether you use Evernote for free, Evernote Premium, or Evernote Business, it all works with your marketing calendar. You can rock Evernote with marketing and enterprise plans in . And we’re excited to hear how you’ll use this awesome new feature to plan awesome content, save a ton of time, and work more efficiently. So we have to ask: How will you use Evernote and ?

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